Condado Portucalense – Sociedade de Vinhos, Lda is a Portuguese company headquartered in Arruda dos Vinhos, in the heart of the Lisbon Wine Region, which develops its activity in the wine production and sales. The company began its activity in 1983 with the main objective of the export market, however, it soon established itself in the domestic market.


The vision of the company is perfectly rooted in the quality of the products produced in Portugal. Throughout its history, it has been committed to contribute strongly to economic and social development, through the creation of employment and the visibility it provides to the region where it is based. Condado Portucalense defends a vision turned to national agriculture and to the farmer.


The company bases its mission on a humanistic culture that gives value to the national producer and to what is best done in Portugal. With this mission, Condado Portucalense guarantees to the producers the disposal of its product and its good use in the wines production adequate to accompany any meal.