The current Management acquires the company keeping the same tax identification number, but with the change of the pact and its corporate name, which continues to this day to be Condado Portucalense – Sociedade de Vinhos, Lda and CAE (46341- R3). At this time, the company will be based in the Industrial Zone of Corredoras, in Arruda dos Vinhos. At the time of its acquisition, the company is entitled to sell the wines of Condado Portucalense and Matibel brands.


Condado Portucalense registers its first upward peak in terms of sales and affirms itself in the international market by registering a high number of exports to Cape Verde.


The Company registers Lendário brand.


The year of 2010 was marked in the history of the company by the fact that a major step in export has been achieved. Condado Portucalense manages to place its product in China.


The Chinese market proves to be an excellent importer of Condado Portucalense, confirming the capacity of being placed Portuguese wine in that market. It is this year that the company can establish itself in the Asian continent, guaranteeing the export of the product to China from 2011 until now.


The years go by and the company continues to resist in a different way to the characteristics of the activity. From 2003 to 2015, Condado Portucalense managed not only to maintain but to increase market share in the three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa). The year of 2015 reveals another turning year, taking into account that the company acquires the Adega Cooperativa do Sobral de Monte Agraço, affirming its humanistic vision.


Registers and also launches sangrias Pipalete brand, a new market where the Company has been inserted throughout this year.